English 9: Week of November 4 – 8 Recap

We are currently focusing on the narrative essay.  This week we looked at writing dialogue.  The primary focus?  Students are to:  use quotation marks to set off what a character is saying; create a new paragraph each time a different character speaks; attribution (tell the reader who is speaking).

Other things we accomplished this week:  

In an effort to be better organized, each student created a binder to be kept in the classroom.

Parent Teacher Conferences – Thank you to all the students and parents who came!

No school on Tuesday.

  • Vocabulary Chapter 9 Quiz
  • Vocabulary Chapter 10 – Definitions and Sentences
  • Writing Prompts:
  1.  How I keep track of important things.
  2. Tell me about your day off.


Students worked together in groups of two or three to create a dialogue between themselves and their partners.  If students did not finish this in class, they may be calling/texting this weekend.


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